Where Do I Start?

We break it down into easy steps:
  • Polish your manuscript.
Spend time reviewing and editing your work. Join a writing group or ask a trusted test reader for constructive feedback. Ask us about our critique and editing services to help make your manuscript bloom.
  •  Plan your publication.
When do you want to have your book published? Would you like to sell your book or gift it to family and friends? If you plan to sell your book, which selling channels do you want to use? Organise a consultation with us to discuss how you can proceed with your project and meet your publishing goals. 
  • Prepare your manuscript for printing.
Have you thought about your book's design? Ask how we can help format and typeset your manuscript's interior. We can also assist you with cover design, securing an ISBN, advice on copyright issues and proofreading. 
  • Printing your book.  ​​
Now that your book is ready for printing, how many copies do you want to print? We can help with understanding printers requirements and sourcing printing quotes. Once you have accepted a printing quote, we can help liaise with the printers.  
  • Promote your book.
So your book has gone to print, now what? If you're hoping to sell, now its the time to finalise your selling channels and start promoting your book on social media or via your website (if applicable). Have you thought about a book launch? Talk to us about your marketing and promotion ideas and find out how we can assist you.

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