Becoming a "Writer"

August 31, 2018

 Hi, my name is Chelsea and I recently created my very first 'writer' social media page.  Up until a few months ago if anyone asked me if I was a writer, I would flat out reply "NO" because I didn't think I could call myself a writer. Who was I to label myself a writer?  (I hadn't been published, I hadn't written anything worth reading).  Up until a few months ago I wrote but I wasn't a writer.  So, what sparked my change of heart?  Well, I got an internship at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre, and it changed my whole perspective on writing and authorship.


Now, you have probably met the wonderful Elizabeth (KSP Chairperson).  My time working with Elizabeth is what sparked my interest in starting a 'writer' page, in fact it was Elizabeth who encouraged me to start the page, to get my 'work' out there.  But I still wasn't a writer, I was close, but wasn't there yet. 


The first step was to make the page, I had to be brave and put it out there.  I was going to be putting my most private work online for all my friends to see, and I was freaking out!!!   


So that was it, I had to do it now.  I created the Instagram and posted my first poem.  It took me a long time to chose the right font, background picture and the hashtags, oh the hashtags. I got a lot of positive feedback (mostly my mum, thanks Mum!!!), this encouraged me to write some more, and put more out there. 


Now came the hard part, keeping up with posts.  If you are a person who writes who is not a writer, you are well aware of the insecurities surrounding your work.  Each time I needed to post a new poem I would read it and second guess myself.  It is hard when you don't actually know if what you are doing is any good or not.  My number one tip for this is... post it anyway.  If you are proud of what you have created you should post it and get it out there, because the voice in your head saying, "this isn't good enough," is wrong!!!

It has been a couple months now and I am starting to look forward to posting, each time I write a new poem I can't wait to get it out there and see what people think.  I am starting to get new followers (even other Instapoets, who I have never met).  Starting my own 'writer' Instagram account has made me realise the potential in my writing, it has given me the confidence to show people my poems.  So, if you are considering getting your work out there on a more social platform, I highly recommend it.  The first step is to JUST DO IT!!!


So, ask me now..."Are you a writer? A poet?"  See what answer you get...



Chelsea A. Cook (Writer/Instapoet).  





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