Self-Publishing 101

September 4, 2017

 Publishing used to be a term that meant one thing. A publishing house purchased a manuscript, edited it, typeset it, printed it, and then distributed it. However, our world has developed in a way that makes anything possible, and that process is no longer the only way to get published. Every author and every manuscript will have different needs and expectations. This means the way you publish is entirely up to you!


Aside from traditional publishing, as described above, the development of technology and the internet gave us a new way to get manuscripts into circulation: self-publishing. Under this umbrella term are so many choices to be made, which can easily become confusing, but there are three main ways to self-publish.


The first is to use a self-publishing service, like Wild Weeds Press. These are services that either organise or do everything for you, including editing, proofing, typesetting and printing. You can usually add marketing and distributing too. Wild Weeds Press is in this category as we are a low-cost self-publishing service, offering everything you need to bring your wild words to life.  


The second way to self-publish is to hire each service separately. There are a myriad of people and businesses out there who offer individual publishing services. For example, you could employ one business to edit and proofread your manuscript, another to typeset it, and another to print and organise your ISBN and CIP for your manuscript.


The third option is to do it all yourself, only employing a company to print your manuscript. There are plenty of print-on-demand services like Blurb or Kindle Direct Publishing that allow you to upload and print your manuscript.


Each option has a significant number of things to consider. For example, the amount of copies you want, your goals for publication, the quality of the production, and perhaps most importantly – price!


Because there are so many options, and every piece of writing is different, pricing can be difficult to understand in publishing. Few publishers or publishing services advertise their prices, because it really all depends on your word count and the quality you expect.


For example, Capstone Editing (an academic editing company) prices by word count. This can range from as low as $55 up to $6000+. Whereas Text Perfection, a Perth-based editing service, prices per hour. Their base rate is $65 per hour, with higher rates for manuscripts that need more complex editing. Print-on-demand service Blurb prices by the number of pages, and has different rates for black and white or colour, and soft or hard cover. Their lowest rate is $4.99 for one copy and their highest is $149.36 for one copy. However, they do offer discounts for bulk copy orders.


Here at Wild Weeds Press, we aim to be transparent and simple with our packages and prices, so you can make the best decision for your manuscript. Go to Our Packages page to see our easy-to-understand price list. If you need help, contact us here.

No matter which way you go, every form of publishing has its own merits and drawbacks. Make sure you consider your manuscript and what you want to achieve when making the decision about how to publish.


The team at Wild Weeds Press wishes you the best of luck on your publishing journey. Keep an eye on our blog for more self-publishing how-to articles. We hope to work with you soon! 

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