Fantasy & Fiction

Delve headlong into an exciting classic fantasy with modern overtones!
Young Chelandran woman Galla Jenari must make her way in a world filled with wonders and terrors. An intelligent, exciting, soulful story, Chelandra is filled with fantasy, adventure, mystery, humour, and romance.
Master of the World
Join all your favourite characters for Volume 2 of the Chelandra Trilogy: Master of the World!
What is the mysterious substance rockscar, and where has it come from? Mined, prized, and hoarded by the Government of Milliyan, it may be responsible for waves of sickness on the planet Chelandra, a world of two suns, fabulous ecologies, and geologic chaos.
The Palace of the Stars
A Victorian era murder mystery! This richly realised and highly evocative novel will appeal to crime, mystery, and romance readers alike.
The Mine's Eye
Intending detective, Michael Harker, once again chances the time portal in the earthquake-damaged book store. Memory impaired from a brutal beating and subject to strange shifts in consciousness, Mike is aided by the love of this life, Mae Belle, music hall singer and stage magician.
But Mae's magic is more than an act. She plans to use it for revenge.
In the present, lovable rogue and free-thinker Mari Linden, with new career move in mind, assists from her book shop.
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