Our Contributors

Lisa Wolstenholme

Lisa is happy to typeset for Wild Weeds projects (and less happy to edit).

Rebekah Sheedy

Rebekah is beta reader and typesetter for Wild Weeds projects. She enjoys reading manuscripts of all genres. 


Zoe Hoffman

Zoe edits, proofreads, and illustrates for Wild Weeds projects. Her favourite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, but there's not a genre she doesn't like to read!


Zoe likes to write young adult and children's fiction, herself, often leaning towards the fantastical. In her creative writing studies, however, she tries to expand her writing voice and experience.


Next to reading and writing, Zoe's other passion is visual and digital art. She loves to work on cover design and illustration, and can work across an array of different artistic styles.


Valerie Goodread

Valerie is a contributing editor, typesetter and proof reader for Wild Weeds Press projects.

Renee Bauhofer

Renee is an Australiana artist, who goes by the artist name, Gum Dots. She can contribute to illustration and cover design on Wild Weeds projects.

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