Strange Vibes Youth Anthology
Kaleidoscope Commemorative Anthology
Fifty years after her passing, the KSP Writers' Centre community have banded together to reflect on the life and legacy Australian author Katharine Susannah Pritchard.
An Unexpected Twist
Little Black Dress Productions, Wild Weeds Press and KSP Writer's Centre are proud to launch this spooky collection of stories stories from our 2019 Spooky Stories Competition.
Out of this World Youth Anthology
We've all felt out of sorts at times, be that because of our own tendencies to stand out from the crowd, or because of sinister persecution.

Join the young writers of KSP as they battle demons in adventurous attempts to get out of the woods, and witness the wondrous minds of the future as they pull twists and turns out of the blue to realise their wildest dreams.
From The Darkness Youth Anthology
A collection of stories, articles and poetry from KSP Writers' Centres youth groups.
Truth Or Lies Anthology
Boom Bang Anthology
Sea Of Stories Anthology
KSP Youth Anthology
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