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Nobody's Child
Born in April 1945 in German-occupied Guernsey, Maureen is a daughter of the ‘enemy’ and a Guernsey woman. Her childhood years are spent between an orphanage and foster homes.
Aged twenty-one, Maureen immigrated to Perth with her husband and two small daughters and not knowing a soul, she had to adapt to a new life in a foreign land.
In 1999, Maureen’s dreams compelled her to write this memoir, but in doing so, she had to face painful childhood memories and embark on a search for her father.
Seeking Still Waters
Anne, a resilient country girl and Bruce, a man who
thrived on the ocean, never intended to circumnavigate
the world. They call it a 'Happening'.
Bruce set out in the 1967 Royal Akarana Yacht Club
race from Auckland to Suva (Fiji) with a crew of four.
Black Rose, a 28ft wooden Woollacott ketch built in
1954, was an ill-equipped boat to be sailing around the
By the end of 1967, Bruce had lost his crew, landed on a
reef in Fiji, and then hit a wreck off Gladstone on the
Great Barrier Reef.
Traverse, a travel memoir, charts the unfolding disintegration
of a marriage and a woman’s last-ditch attempt to rescue it
by taking a diffi cult and dangerous trek with her husband.
The landscape of Madagascar proves as rocky as her relationship,
and the path forward must be hacked through harsh,
uncharted jungle. The terrain, in particular the powerful Bemarivo
River, brings her face to face with her own limitations
and demons from her past.
Yarns from the Aussie Outback
Entertainment was self-made in the past before television reached the outback. Roads were mainly dirt tracks and when travellers reached a small settlement they would gather at the local hotel. Have a few drinks and yarn with the locals. Storytelling, news and gossip were all by word of mouth. An art now nearly forgotten.
Blackboy Hill is Calling
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